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DTEK ENERGY is one of the largest private vertically-integrated energy companies in Ukraine, enterprises of which effectively work in the fields of coal mining and beneficiation, as well as in the market of energy generation and supply. DTEK is an energy unit of “System Capital Management” (SCM), a leading financial and industrial group in Ukraine. The Company employs more than 120,000 people; total turnover is about UAH 100 billion.

The concept of DTEK development involves construction of an energy company linking Ukraine, the European Union and Russia in a single chain of production and sale of electricity, taking advantage of vertical integration, the best management expertise in the target markets, the development experience of coal enterprises operating under complex geological conditions and the unique geographic location of Ukraine, which is its base market.


(UA) ДТЕК Енерго

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(UA) ДТЕК Нафтогазвидобування

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(UA) Corum Group

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Forest husbandries of Sumy regional agricultural forestry enterprise “Sumyoblagrolis”

There are 18 agricultural forest husbandries used by Sumy regional agricultural forestry enterprise “Sumyoblagrolis” with the total forest area of 160.5 ha, representing a third of all regional forest areas. The enterprise employs 900 people.

Over the recent years, the enterprise has increased its working capacity; it is a stable taxpayer, including all budget levels and trust funds. Over the last 9 months of the last year, the enterprise has paid nearly UAH 40 million.

Sumy Chamber of Commerce and Industry

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Ukraine”, the Chamber was established to promote the development of the national economy. Overall, Sumy Chamber of Commerce and Industry implements more than ten business activities defined by its objectives and its charter. One of the main activities is the product certification, determination of producer country codes, as well as giving information about the average cost of a product of a certain production year. An arbitral tribunal has been established and is operated by the Chamber.

APA Chocolate Ltd.

Chocolate Ltd. is an advertising and production association, which specializes in creating effective advertising solutions based on an individual approach, including development and promotion of brands (products, goods and services).

AS Trade Company

Modern equipment for yeast propagation and automatic CIP station operate at the main unit of the enterprise. Bear filling line into keg-containers reached the production capacity of 120 keg per hour. A new brew house of Huppmann AG company has been completed and launched: a complete reorganization of structures, modernization of production and promotion and an implementation of new general development methods and strategies have taken place. Now the basic strategies of the commercial policy are aimed at integration of all sorts of beers and beverages under one brand “Poltava”.

Sumy hospitals

Today, clinical hospitals are multisectoral medical institutions with advanced paraclinic services, which provide highly-specialized medical care for people of the region. The hospitals have about 800 and 500 workers respectively.

Sumy Water Utility

The enterprise provides companies, institutions, organizations and citizens with water, carries out sewage diversion and wastewater purification. At present, the water supply capacity of the water utility subordinated to Sumy municipal council is 95,660 m3 per day. The actual supply of the city is 55,000-60,000 m3 per day. City sewage treatment facilities with a designed capacity of 135,000 m3 per day provide necessary sewage purification in accordance with regulations, requirements of sanitary and epidemiological bodies and environmental inspection. In fact, the treatment facilities provide wastewater purification in the volume of 65,000-70,000 m3. Total revenue of the company is about UAH 100 million, and the company employs about 650 people.

State enterprises of Sumy Regional Forestry and Hunting Management

The enterprises provide services in the field of forestry, wholesale trade of forest products and services in the hunting sector. The volume of last year’s sales amounted to UAH 625 million. In 2015 the enterprise paid UAH 218 million to the budgets and state funds.

Sumy regional consumers’ association

Sumy regional consumers’ association makes the list of the best regional consumers’ associations of Ukraine; the yearly turnover of the system is hundreds million UAH. Enterprises have been and remain prompt payers of taxes, fees and charges to the budgets of all levels.

Trade has been a key sector of the consumer cooperative since the first days of its existence. Today, this activity remains a priority. The network includes shops and markets, as well as institutions of the restaurant industry.


Kerameya is a successful company which is developing dynamically and is the market leader of construction ceramic materials in Ukraine, it is expanding in export markets and gaining increasing popularity and recognition. Kerameya sells within Ukraine and to Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Mongolia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany.

Kerameya has not only deprived the imported products of the competitive advantage to work at the domestic market but has also become an export-oriented company. The share of exports in sales of the company reaches up to 40 percent and has a tendency towards further growth.

LLC “Gorobyna”

LLC “Gorobyna” is a сompany which іs progressing dynamically and the only one manufacturer of vodka and alcoholic beverages in Sumy region with old traditions.

In its production processes, company uses only raw materials of the highest quality. All of its the alcoholic beverages are manufactured from unique crystalline neutral spirits and specially-treated soft water.

The high quality of its products is confirmed by independent international experts. Among them – the certification according to ISO 9001.The company’s products have repeatedly been awarded with numerous Ukrainian and international awards. And products of “Gorobyna” company occupy a strong position in the market of alcoholic beverages in Sumy region, continue to conquer foreign markets owing to stable quality and original recipes of beverage.

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