The cost of service by LS GROUP, its lawyers and attorneys, i.e. the fees, is stipulated with many factors.

Among these factors, the major one is the amount of time and work required to fulfill your orders, as well as the complexity and novelty of the legal matters.

Also, when calculating the cost of services by LS GROUP, it should be considered that the assumed obligation to manage the relevant number of your cases may prevent our experts from implementation of orders made by other clients and significantly complicates their performance in normal time mode. This factor is also influenced by the probable need for business trips.

The cost of services is also affected by the ultimate goal of the client, whether it is a common case support or interest representation or obtainment of a specific or desired result with our services.

This factor is also influenced by the kind of services – whether it is a subscription service or settlement of a single case or issue.

Thus, LS GROUP policy on this issue is that we do not pre-set rates and fees for our services.

To determine the cost of services (fees), we take into account individual circumstances of the case, professional skills and time consumption of a lawyer or attorney of the Company, the economic capabilities of the client or the financial effect of our services, etc.

At the same time, LS GROUP confirms its interest in resolving each of your cases competently, efficiently and promptly.

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