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Up-to-date business environment requires prompt and, most importantly, legally correct decisions.
A tentative list of legal services by LS GROUP for business under legal support subscription *

  • Prompt verbal counseling and preparation of written legal advice, opinions;

  • Drafting and analysis of agreements and contracts;

  • Development, legal expertise of the client's documentation, corporate documents (orders, instructions, regulations), claims, complaints, appeals, business correspondence with contractors or business partners' requests, including public bodies, responses to these and other documents);

  • Participation of a lawyer (attorney) in the meetings and negotiations with contractors or business partners on the client's side;

  • Full legal support of the client;

  • Representation of a company or organization toward any governmental, fiscal, regulatory, law enforcement authorities, etc.
    The provisions of "Judiciary Reform" suggest that, starting 2017, only lawyers will be entitled to represent businesses and individuals in court (monopoly of lawyers).

    In order to avoid, prevent or minimize risks when making managerial decisions, LS GROUP provides comprehensive legal support of business and ongoing economic activity, i.e. legal outsourcing. Having concluded a legal outsourcing agreement with LS GROUP, you will cut unreasonable costs for your business and save your time, thus focusing completely on your goals.

    Advantages of legal support by LS GROUP:

    Employment of one or several lawyers is not profitable from an economic point of view, unless legal issues occur regularly. On the other hand, availability of a lawyer can be economically beneficial, but it does not guarantee that you will receive the full range of legal services for your economic activity.
    A subscription (comprehensive) agreement on legal support by LS GROUP gives you a team of highly-skilled attorneys and lawyers who promptly provide services (support) to your business, counsel or represent your interests.
    You can order a customized range of legal services that you need at the current stage of your economic activity, with cost-saving in mind. If your needs change, you can pick another range of legal services (more or less), which will include a "package" of legal support subscription.
    * List of legal services may be amended depending on the client's wishes.
    * Protection and representation in criminal proceedings.