PRESS RELEASE on presentation of ‘Legal Support 24/7’ mobile application with a ‘Call to Lawyer’ function by LS GROUP legal company

htmlimage (1)Based on the order of LS GROUP legal company, a mobile application titled ‘Legal Support 24/7’ with the main function ‘Call to Lawyer’ was developed for the customers who need emergent legal assistance. With this new development, a lawyer of LS GROUP will urgently provide assistance in any emergent situation like search, interrogation, detention, tax audit and so on.

‘In our daily activity, we are used to be pro-active towards the challenges of the surrounding reality. Moreover, time is of the highest value in the contemporary business world. Owing to the ‘Call to Lawyer’ function which operates in the specially developed ‘Legal Support 24/7’ mobile application, LS GROUP company makes a huge step forward to be even closer to its customers, as they get an opportunity to benefit from legal assistance with a mobile gadget just in a few minutes. The application operates similarly to emergency health service. The concept is as follows: you just touch the screen of your gadget and leave the rest to LS GROUP. The lawyer is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are!’ – Hennadii Demianenko, the head of the legal company, said.

‘Legal Support 24/7’ mobile application is available for IOS and Android platforms, it may activated both on any iPhone and any other smartphone after free download from App Store or Play Market. The application operates both in Ukraine and abroad.

Entry to ‘Call to Lawyer’ interface activates an alarm mode and the application sends the coordinates of the user’s geolocation to the server of the legal company. This is followed with a screen of voice message record, which enables the user to record a short 30-second voice message. Before activation of the alarm mode, the application neither collects nor transfers the data on the user’s geolocation.

Geolocation data enable an operator of LS GROUP to send a lawyer to the relevant place, to identify where the customer is in case of seizure or telephone loss or inability to use it. The operator calls to the customer and collects the information to make sure that the call is not false.

All data transferred via the mobile application constitute a lawyer-client privilege and may not be disclosed to any third parties or used for any other purposes.

The application also has an option of lawyer engagement under partner agreements, who will later on provide service to the persons concerned, both in Ukraine and abroad, via the mobile application.

‘Legal Support 24/7’ mobile application is a 24-hour legal protection both in Ukraine and abroad!

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